Mentoring and Workshop for Family Photographers

This mentoring program is for professional photographers who are not satisfied with the quality of their work and who seek some new input.

The mentoring will be split down to several sessions and – due to modern media – is possible worldwide. Contact will be via Skype and oral and written critique. You will be given six artistic assignments which you will work out in your own time span.

We will begin with a critique of your portfolio. I will explain how to improve certain images – we will talk about light, composition, angles, postproduction and technical problems. After that you will be given an assignment which you will try to solve with five images. It is better to take your time with your assignment and not send in photos the next day. It takes time to reflect and practice to tackle certain problems and solve them successfully. From my own experience I know, that you won’t be a better photographer after one day at a workshop. It is the reflecting and practice afterwards that will influence your work.

You will send me the pictures when you think you are ready and I will critique the images. If I think you understood the assignment and realized it accordingly we will move on to the next topic. If not, I will ask you to try again…

Mentoring is a longterm process. It is meant to help you to find your own creativity and style.

If you are interested, please contact me and we will talk about details: katrin.kuellenberg(at)


Mentoring ynd Workshop for Family Photographers


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