Wie man als Familienfotograf Hochzeiten fotografiert

Wie man als Familienfotograf Hochzeiten Fotografiert

Ich arbeite unheimlich gerne als Familienfotografin. Und dieser Ansatz läßt sich wunderbar mit der Hochzeitsfotografie vereinbaren. Denn schließlich ist eine Hochzeit nichts anderes als der Beginn einer wunderbaren Familiengeschichte…

Meine Gedanken hierzu habe ich deshalb für den Blog der Documentary Family Photographers festgehalten.

When we are talking about documentary family photography there are not a lot of photographers who would also consider weddings to be part of this genre.

Weddings are a vital part of Familiy Photography

Weddings are often so meticulously planned ahead by the couple theat the idea of spontaneitiy and real life seems far off. But then again, consider how many things can turn out differently on that day: the little flower girls won’t act like sweet angles but would rather pull each others hair, the usually composed father of the bride suddenly gets all emotional and the groom’s trousers get ripped by accident (and, yes, that has all happened to me!).

So there are a lot of unexpected stories hidden in what is supposed to be the perfect day.

So much Fun in Wedding Photography

To me shooting a wedding day  is the beginning of a family legacy. It will be wonderful to watch those photos a couple of years later with the kids and show them how it all started. I always have that in mind and for that reason do not concentrate solely on the bride and groom.

Yes, it is great to have some images where they look sensational („Mommy, you looked like a princess“, I hear the still unborn kids say), but to me it is far more important  to transport as much information as possible.

Wedding Photography is Storytelling

An image of Aunt Rosie’s outrageous hairdo, the couple’s living room with the bride getting ready, their friends going crazy on the dancefloor – those are the things their future kids will be curious about and make for lots of laughs and conversations.

The wedding is a witness of its time and place. This is also the reason why I work with a pretty closed aperture to get as many layers of information as possible. It is not just important to see that the groom kisses the bride after the ceremony but also how happy  everyone else seems to be with them.

A Wedding is Day in Your Life Photography

There will always be wedding photographers who will create a  fairytale story of that day for their couples but me, I am attracting clients who love the real and fun stuff. Often they do have big families, maybe even already children of their own and so the whole thing just feels like an extraordinary DITL session for me…!

If you want to see how I photograph a wedding day, take a look Sommerhochzeit im Falderhof. And if you are a family photographer thinking of expanding her business into wedding photography: Please, have a look at my self-paced workshop. I hope you will join me soon…

Solch eine Hochzeit wünscht Ihr Euch auch? Sehr gerne!

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